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I use the NHS app to order repeat prescriptions


Prescriptions can be requested by (the methods that are in bold are the preferred methods):

Please be aware that you need to give us three full working days (not weekends or bank holidays) to process your prescription request. Therefore please make sure that you request your medication in advance of your medication running out. Thank you.

Information For Pharmacist

please send the request of prescriptions using the dedicated prescription email address. If you need this email address please call the surgery on 01279 638520

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Use online consultation to request your medication


If you are on regular medication(s), It is vital that you have an up to date medication review. This is at least once a year. If you are not sure when you are due to have your next review, please speak to you pharmacist or enquire this when you next call the surgery. If you have received a text message or a letter requesting you to do blood pressure readings and/or blood test, please organise to have these done as soon as possible. You may have also recieved a text message to complete the online medication review form. If you have recieved this please complete Medication Review Form at the earliest opportunity. Delay in doing so prevents us doing your medication review and therefore potentially reduces the amount of medication you can have and ultimately stop prescribing further medication.

Complete an online medication review form


Please be aware that the NHS has introduced Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS). This makes collecting prescriptions easier and more convenient for you. This service allows you to nominate a pharmacy of you choice, so that we can send your prescription electronically to the pharamcy. This saves you a trip to the GP surgery and reduces time for dispensing.

You can read more about EPS on the NHS website.


Please be advised if you have lost your prescribed medication prescription, Reception will no longer be able to provide a reprint until you have notified the Police and obtained an incident number for our records This is a legal requirement set out by WECCG Prescribing Team.

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