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Self Referral


In West Essex, we are very lucky to have certain specialities, which allow the patients/carers to self refer to those services. Please see the following specialities that you can self refer:


You can self refer for any physiotherapy needs as long as your are above 18 and your GP has advised you to seek physiotherapy. you MUST either complete the online form and send it via email or get a hard copy of the form and send it via post. More information about the service can be found here. You CANNOT call to refer yourself to this service.

Self refer to physiotherapy


Locally you can refer yourself to a mental health service called Vita Health Group for any counselling or psychological therapy need. you can do this by either

Self refer to counselling or psychotherapy


Any parent or legal guardian of a child suffering from mental health problems can refer the child by directly contacting the Emotional wellbeing and Mental Health Service (EWMHS). This can be done by calling 0300 953 0222. More information about this service can be found here.

Phone: 0300 953 0222

0300 555 1000 (out of hours)


If you are looking for free comprehensive adult weight management that is taylored to your individual need, then you can now refer to adult weight managment provided by ACE lifestyle. To do this simply call or email them. For more information click here.

Phone: 0800 022 4524 (option 3)



Free, confidential, non-judgemental sexual healthcare provided to the people of Essex regardless of their age, gender or sexual orientations. The clinic provides a wide ranging services, including screening of all sexually transmitted infections and contraceptive treatments.

Phone: 0300 0031212

Visit the Essex Sexual Health Service website

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